Monomial Versus Polynomial

"Cryptography using Chebyshev polynomials"
G. J. Fee and M. B. Monagan
Centre for Experimental and Constructive Mathematics,
Simon Fraser University,
Burnaby, Canada, V5A 1S6

Here is some background information on the Tee paper (or Fee). The cryptography paper is online:
A different paper is called:
"Permutable Polynomials and Rational Functions"
Garry J. Tee
Department of Mathematics, University of Auckland
Many infinite sequences of permutable rational functions and some
infinite sequences of permutable polynomials are constructed, on the
basis of elliptic functions and trigonometric functions. Many
identities connect those permutable rational functions.

Garry J. Tee sent his abstract for Permutable Polynomials and Rational
Functions to:
1st Joint International Meeting between the American Mathematical
Society and the New Zealand Mathematical Society
December 12-15, 2007
Victoria University of Wellington
Wellington, New Zealand

RSA uses monomial exponentiation but Fee uses compositions that nest polynomials in several equivalent ways. If low order polynomials are used, weak crypto is available for a public key cryptosystem which boffins can break but which would baffle mere geeks.