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Here is a link to a post by the late George Marsaglia about an advanced number sequence generator.


Alternative Keyboard Symbol ≡

Here is the keyboard method for the congruence symbol ≡
That link taught me how to write a modular expression with the three parallel lines of congruence:
7 ≡ 23 mod 16
If only two parallel lines are shown, this test failed.
Laptop keyboards use different methods from larger keyboards. For my laptop, the ≡ symbol is formed as follows using the Fn key, Alt key, F11 key and blue numbers under the letters. The Fn key is blue to match the color of characters on some keys.

Fn F11 sets the NumLk
Fn and hold down Alt
hit numbers on the letter keys marked 240 (kum)
release the Alt key
Fn F11 resets NumLk

After one ≡ symbol is created, use Select, Copy, and Paste to repeat it (highlight, Ctrl C, and Ctrl V)
I am testing this to see if it works here.
Unicode test : Αλτ κεξβοαρδ σξμβολσ (Greek attempt)
Thank you! (Latin)
Τηανκ ξου! (Greek)
Тчанк зоу! (Cyrillic)

Unicode As Weak Cryptography

Unicode 6.0 tries to help all cultures on all computers with more than 2^16 code numbers. Unitard re-codes that tower of unbabble to become weak cryptography. Weak crypto is strong enough to fool your little sister and script kiddies, but weak enough to be legal for export from the bush warcriminal empire. Here is the summary. Numbers near decimal 73728 are normally interpreted as a standard Unicode character. But if your computer is not using a certain font, that code number 73728 will not be displayed correctly. Unitard provides a key font protocol so English letters (Latin) will be shown on your computer screen, instead of the misinterpretted scibbles. Secret messages can be sent by email or they can be posted on websites but people can only read them if they have the right key font installed. Common letters like "e" can have several codes to defeat frequency analysis.

Unicode examples for usenet newsgroup error propagation test:

UNITARD LATIN, times new roman font on most lines
�� �� �� �� �� �� �� C U N E I F O R M f o n t
The cuneiform composite 1001 font is only used on the previous line.

Unicode range: 0 to 10FFFF hexadecimal
Decimal 73728 is for cuneiform. In hexadecimal, cuneiform starts at 0x12000. See the following link for a cuneform test paragraph and Perl program

Here is the cuneiform font file. Rename it as a .zip file.

Here is the Unicode chart of Cuneiform characters.


Strong Crypto Notes

Some cryptographic programs are so strong they are illegal!
That is because of a regulation called ITAR. This issue of PopCryMag is about weak crypto, which is so weak it is legal for export and is not regulated by ITAR constraints. A good example of strong crypto is Salsa 20 .